Photo Gallery

Heights given exclude hats and hair.

Four Seasons Fairies. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall (boys on left, girls on right). 1-11/6″


Months of the Year Series. January, February, March, May, June, October (more to come). 2″

img_7739 img_7822 img_7631

img_8051 img_7718 img_7812

img_8057 img_8045 img_8055

img_7635 img_8050 img_7970

Mothers and Daughters. 1-111/16″, 2″


Mini dolls. 1-1/8″


Mini dolls shown with larger dolls for comparison.


Winged fairies. 2″, 1-11/16″


Storybook Characters. Rapunzel, Snow White, the Snow Queen; Snow White and Rose Red, the Snow Queen with Kay and Gerda.

img_7660   img_8002  img_8029

img_7914  img_8066

More peg dolls.

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