Photo Gallery

Heights given exclude hats and hair.

Bride and Groom. 2″ pegs with slight height adjustment to make groom taller


Four Seasons Fairies. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall (boys on left, girls on right). 1-11/6″


Months of the Year Series. January, February, March, May, June, October (more to come). 2″

img_7739 img_7822 img_7631

img_8051 img_7718 img_7812

img_8057 img_8045 img_8055

img_7635 img_8050 img_7970

Women with Hooded Capes. 2″

Mothers and Daughters. 1-111/16″, 2″


Mini dolls. 1-1/8″


Mini dolls shown with larger dolls for comparison.


Winged fairies. 2″, 1-11/16″


Storybook Characters. Rapunzel, Snow White, the Snow Queen; Snow White and Rose Red, the Snow Queen with Kay and Gerda.

img_7660   img_8002  img_8029

img_7914  img_8066

More peg dolls.


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