The Month Sisters: September

img_7977September is one of my favorites of the months of the year series. This doll has very long black hair worn in two low side ponytails, large black eyes, and brown skin. She wears an acorn cap. Her dress is made of yellow-to-brown chrysanthemum petals underneath a layer of larger purplish petals. Underneath the dress, her body is painted purple. Peg is 2″.






The Month Sisters: February

This is a new favorite of mine. The February doll is wearing a brown felt hooded cape (the first successful hooded cape I’ve made). Her dress is made from petals that are white with a blush of pink. She has very light skin, light blue eyes, and cotton candy colored pink hair, made from embroidery floss. You just get a glimpse of the hair peeking out from under the hood. (The hood is not removable; it’s glued in place.) The peg is 2″.

Below, she is pictured with two of the other Month Sisters. From left to right: January, February, March.img_7825


Layered flower hat, dark pink petal dress

img_7749I have tried a new style of hat for this doll. She has a layer of petals from a faux chrysanthemum-style flower on her head, with a smaller, intact blossom on top of that. I’m pleased with the way the hat turned out. She also wears a slim dark pink petal dress. She has eyes that are so dark they’re almost black, peach colored skin, and a long black braid in the back. The peg is 2″.


The Month Sisters: January

img_7739img_7743Previously, I made peg dolls representing March, May, and October. January was next on my list. I initially envisioned a doll with very pale skin, blue eyes, and white hair, but I later decided that I would make her coloring warmer, instead of icy pale. So this doll has brown eyes, rosy cheeks, and a darker peach skin tone than I had originally planned. The brown tones are evocative of the bare branches and tree trunks of winter. Her hair is white, but I chose not to use my iciest white yarn and went with a warmer white instead. She wears a white felt hat and matching cape, with a white and blue petal dress peeking out from underneath. I am pleased with the overall look. The peg is 2″.

Mother and daughter gnomes with brown felt hats


The mother wears a dark burgundy petal dress, a dark brown felt shawl and hat, and a white petal apron. She has a bright blue eyes and long grey braids with white highlights. The yarn was a thrift store find, and it seems to be hand spun. The daughter’s dress is made from white petals with a faith blush of pink. She wears a matching light brown hat and shawl. She has platinum blond hair, in two braids, blue eyes, freckles, and a bit of a suntan, compared with her mother’s very pale skin. The pegs are 2″ and 1-11/16″, respectively.

Colorful felt hats and flower dresses

These best friends are 1-11/16″ tall (excluding hats). The doll on the left has black braids, black eyes, and a dark complexion. She wears a pink and white petal dress. Her pointed felt hat is bright pink, and has an amber-colored bead on the end. The doll on the right is fair skinned, with brown eyes and dark blond hair in two braids. She has a purple flower dress and a small darker purple felt shawl. The pointed felt hat matches the shawl, and it has a silver bead on the end.

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