A Stylish Hairstyle and a Dark Purple Dress

IMG_2615This is a trickier hairstyle for peg dolls than braids or long, loose hair. It’s hard to make bangs and a short shaggy style look good. But I love how this doll turned out! She has a dark purple felt hat with some bangs peeking out onto her forehead. Her dress has a layer of light purple petals underneath a layer of darker purple petals, and her collar is trimmed with pale green embroidery floss.



Women with Hooded Capes

IMG_8507I absolutely love this grey-haired woman with a long, hooded, olive green cape and a dark green dress made from faux leaves. I had been itching to make another peg doll with a hooded cape, after the success of the February doll. This one evokes a sense of somber wistfulness, as if she is eyeing the last leaves fall from the tree and settling in for a long winter.




I went on to make a sweet blond doll with a purple hooded cape, and then a broadly smiling doll with a dark green cape.


A Bride and Groom

These were used as wedding cake toppers for my cousin’s wedding. These are both 2″ dolls, but I wanted the groom to be slightly taller, so I sanded down the bottom of the bride doll just a bit, and I added a layer of thick felt to the bottom of the groom. These are a bit shorter than many wedding cake toppers I’ve seen, but they were the perfect size for the cake that they were on.

The bride has a lace veil, a white flower petal dress with silver trim around the bottom, and a necklace that I strung with tiny beads. Her dark brown hair has some auburn highlights. The groom has a painted on tuxedo, shirt, and bowtie, but his lapels and back collar are black felt. His hair is painted on with a part on the side and greying sideburns.


Storybook Characters: Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White and Rose Red is a lovely, lesser-known fairy tale. I had already made a pair of Snow White and Rose Red peg dolls, but I wasn’t completely satisfied. Here are the new dolls, with Rose Red on the left and Snow White on the right.


Both dolls have acorn caps, small brown capes, and long wavy hair worn loose. Rose Red has dark brown hair and eyes, and her dress is made from red flower petals. Snow White has blue-green eyes and very light blond hair. Her skin is paler than her sister’s. Pegs are 2″.

Storybook Characters: The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is my favorite of Hans Christian Andersen’s tales. In this story, Gerda goes on a long and dangerous journey to save her dear friend Kay from his imprisonment in the Snow Queen’s icy palace. Gerda and Kay are children. Other than that, I’m not sure what Gerda is supposed to look like, because her appearance is irrelevant to the story. Let me repeat that: This is a fairy tale where the female protagonist’s physical appearance doesn’t matter. Hooray.


I decided to give Gerda light brown, looped braids (a new peg doll hair style), an acorn cap, a white and red dress with red laces (to go with the red shoes that she was wearing before she threw them into the river), and a small brown cape. Kay has a little bit of black hair peeking under his acorn cap. His body is painted blue-grey, and he wears a burgundy scarf.

img_8029The Snow Queen herself was great fun to make. Her dress is made of white flower petals with an overlay of iridescent organza, trimmed with silver at the collar. She has a white felt cape. Her skin is snow white, her eyes are icy blue, and her hair is made of white shiny yarn. She wears a tiara made of tiny beads.