Colorful felt hats and flower dresses

These best friends are 1-11/16″ tall (excluding hats). The doll on the left has black braids, black eyes, and a dark complexion. She wears a pink and white petal dress. Her pointed felt hat is bright pink, and has an amber-colored bead on the end. The doll on the right is fair skinned, with brown eyes and dark blond hair in two braids. She has a purple flower dress and a small darker purple felt shawl. The pointed felt hat matches the shawl, and it has a silver bead on the end.

This doll wears a flower petal dress in vivid orange, and a lighter orange pointed felt hat. She has long, dark brown braids, light brown skin, and dark eyes. Peg is 2 inches. I think that she’s rather beautiful.

This doll wears a green petal dress, with a small green felt shawl and an acorn cap. She has a medium brown complexion, black eyes, and thick black braids. Peg is 2″.


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