Bronze and golden fairies.

IMG_7471I had originally thought that this boy with the bronze face would be the fall fairy for my four seasons set. But with undiluted metallic paint, his face was so shiny that he didn’t fit in with the other three fairies in the set. So I made a new fall doll for the four seasons set. I added wings to this fairy and made him a shiny winged companion.

Both pegs are 1 11/16″ tall. The boy’s face is painted with bronze metallic acrylic paint, and he has bright blue eyes. He wears an acorn cap and a cape made of faux fall leaves. The girl’s face is painted with gold metallic acrylic paint. She has brown eyes, and her hair is made of brown acrylic yarn, unravelled into single-ply yarn. Her dress is made of white faux petals, trimmed with a faux fall leaf.

The wings are organza, and the shape and lines are traced from the image of a cicada wing. I used a Sharpie for the bolder lines at the top edge of the wings and a ballpoint for the finer lines.


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