Storybook Characters: Snow White and Rose Red


The story of Snow White and Rose Red has always appealed to me. A fair sister and a darker sister, both brave and kind, help a bear turn back into a prince, and end up marrying brothers — both princes, of course — in the end. The story has inspired some enchanting illustrations over the years.

My Snow White peg doll has a peach-colored blossom dress, with a matching cap and a small white cape. Her blond hair, tied back from her face, is made of roving wool. Her eyes are a light, bright blue. Rose Red has a red petal dress, with a bit of a flare in the top layer. She has a cap that is sewn from a faux green leaf. She has black eyes, and her black hair is made from acryllic yarn that has been unraveled into single-ply wavy yarn. Her eyes are slightly lopsided: Her right eye is a bit wider set than the left. Both pegs are 2″ tall.


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