Rose, dressed up for the ball.

IMG_7510I am pleased with the overall look of this doll, with her blush rose petal dress, sepals around the collar, and beads at her crown. She has brown eyes and nice rosy cheeks. This was the first time I tried using embroidery floss hair — with no hat to hold the hair in place — and I admit that her hairdo has a bit of a tussled look. She is made from a 2″ tall peg.

The next time I go to the thrift store, I will look specifically for suitable faux roses in red, white, or yellow, so that I can make a series of girls with rose dresses. The petal quality for this style of dress can’t be rock bottom, or the dress won’t be recognizable as a rose.

Here’s another shot of Rose, after I got a stray bit of her hair under control.



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